ATR Trailing Stop EA MT4 MT5

A very popular option to trail the trades using ATR indicator's value. Simple and effective way to trail your trades. Today you can download this tool from and start using it.

Example: current ATR value is 0.0027 on EURUSD which is equal to 27 pips. EA will use this value to trail your trades. With every new candle ATR indicator has a different value for example 0.0030=30pips and EA will use this new number too. So this is very adaptive to the current trading conditions. EA also has a ATR multiplier which you can use. For example if the ATR value is 0.0027 and multiplier is as 1=27 pips, e.g multiplier is as 2=54pips, multiplier is as 2.5=67.5pips or any other number.

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ATR Trailing Stop EA MT4 MT5

Inputs menu of the ATR Trailing stop EA. You can also choose which trades to trail. Only manual trades or manual and EA trades.

ATR Trailing Stop EA MT4 MT5

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