Forex Robot EMA Martingale EA MT4 MT5

This expert advisor works with EMA - exponential moving average. When the price is above the current EMA then EA uses only sell trades, when the price is below the current EMA then EA uses only buy trades. If the prices move against the profit then it puts more trades, so it's like a martingale grid strategy. Every time when the price crosses MA line trades are closed, it helps to reduce the risk. Also, it closes trades by profit in pips and in profit by money. Default settings work really nice. Also, it closes trades by profit in pips and in profit by money. There are a lot of controllable inputs which you can change as you prefer. This EA works profitably on many time frames and on many Forex pairs. You can find your favorite or use it on multiple charts at the same time.

Input Parameters

Martingale_lot_start = 0.01

Multiply_on_loss = 1.618

Multiply_on_profit = 1.0

How_many_losses_to_reset = 0.0

How_many_profits_to_reset = 1.0

Add_lots_on_loss = 0.0

Add_lots_on_profit = 0.0;

MA_period = 200.0

MA_shift = 0.0

MA_method = Exponential

Applied_price = Close price

Stop_loss = 0.0

Take_profit = 0.0

Distance_between_trades_in_pips = 16.8

Use_trades_closing_by_total_profit_in_pips = true

Total_sum_of_pips_to_close = 16.8

Use_trades_closing_by_total_profit_in_money = true

Money_to_close = 16.8

Magic_number = 6969

Testing in history

EURUSD M5 Test 2018

EURUSD M5 Test With MA Martingale EA

USDCHF M15 Test 2018

USDCHF M15 Test With MA Martingale EA

AUDUSD H4 Test 2018

AUDUSD H4 Test With MA Martingale EA

Inputs menu of EMA Martingale EA

Inputs Menu

Download Demo

MA Martingale EA MT4 MT5 Eaproducer
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