Grid Trading System MT4 MT5

The semi automated grid trading system. This EA is able to place a bunch of stop/limit pending orders in your desirable way. You're able to manage opening time, buy/sell only, lot size, stop loss pips, take profit pips, grid levels, grid size pips. The idea is to select orders placing time, select other settings and leave it. Orders will be opened on the selected time. This strategy may be used in many ways. This EA does the difficult job for you, placing 20 orders manually is a nightmare.

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  • Order opening time - select time for opening your grid pending orders, in this way you can set and leave.

  • Lot size - select your desirable trading lot per trade.

  • Stop loss pips - select your stop loss pips per trade.

  • Take profit pips - select your take profit pips per trade.

  • Grid levels - select how many grid levels you want to place per direction.

  • Starting price pips offset - this setting controls the distance between current price.

  • Grid size pips - the most important setting which controls the distance between each grid level. You're able to use stop pending orders or limit pending orders. Use a positive number like 30 for stop pending orders. Use a negative number like -30 for limit pending orders.

Stop orders example.

Free Grid Trading System MT4 MT5

Limit orders example.

Free Grid Trading System MT4 MT5

Inputs menu of the EA.

Free Grid Trading System MT4 MT5