Level Trader EA MT4 MT5

One more useful tool for manual traders. This EA trades by horizontal lines on the chart where the EA is attached. This trading robot is quite simple, but it can be used in many ways. It can be previous day's low or high, o even previous month's, pivot points, some indicator info, trades grid above and below and etc..You can apply it as you need.

How to use Free Level Trader EA ?

First attach the EA on the chart, for example EURUSD 1H. You can use this free trading robot on as many charts as you need, just set different magic numbers for each EA. Then prepare settings for trades, set your desirable lot size for buy and sell positions, stop loss and take profit as well (if you don't need stop loss or take profit when set 0 into setting). Once it's done, expert advisor is ready for his job, now he waits for conditions to open buy or sell trades. As i said it's semi automated system, so it depends from you where orders will be places.

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This is how prepared chart looks like

Free Level Trader EA MT4 MT5 | Eaproducer.com
Chart example

Below you can see robot and horizontal lines settings. Buy line color has to match with horizontal line color. These color has to be the same. So if you set Blue color for buy position, so when you put horizontal line on the chart in has to be in the same color (Blue).Matters only the color, name or description can be any. In this way trading robot know his line and what to do. For sell position the same process. Indeed don't set the same colors for buy and sell positions.

Once the Blue line will be crossed from below to above it will open buy trade instantly

Once the Red line will be crossed from above to below it will open sell trade instantly

1 line = 1 trade, so if robot already opened a trade in one of the levels and trade is still open, so robot don't have the permission to open one more trade in the same level. but once trade was close and if price will cross the line again, so robot will open trade again. If you need more trades, so just put more lines on the chart. You can put as much horizontal lines as you need. Buy = Blue color. Red = Sell. In this way you can trade in the various situations and prepare your chart for few strategies or some price levels you need.

Free Level Trader EA MT4 MT5 | Eaproducer.com
How the settings works

An example how you can prepare the grid for both sides, prices is trapped between levels

Free Level Trader EA MT4 MT5 | Eaproducer.com