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Updated: Nov 12

Today I have a free Forex tool for manual traders. It's quite simple EA, but very useful for scalping or for other strategies. Cause no need to think and waste time for placing trades, set their stop loss, set take profit and lot size for every trade. Especially if you want to place trades in a high frequency way. So, you're saving your precious time and you can be more focused on the main strategy.

Panel looks like this

How to use the Manual Trader Panel ?

As always put the EA in the expert advisor folder and attach on the chart

If you don't know how to do it then read this

There are 4 buttons on the panel - Buy Now , Sell Now , Close Buy , Close Sell

Below there are 3 options for every trade - Lot size , Stop Loss , Take Profit

1 mouse click one the button = 1 trade, so click as many times as many trades you need.

If you will press on Close Buy button it will close all buy positions which this EA has made

If you will press on Close Sell button it will close all sell positions which this EA has made

In the Lot Size field set your lot size for every trade

In the Stop Loss Field set your desirable stop loss for every trade

In the Take Profit Field set your desirable take profit for every trade

Of course you can change these as many times as you need.

If you haven't subscribed one of the plans yet -do it now

Download MT4 version here

Download MT5 version here

If you like this panel and want to add or change something to it for example then contact me

These tools may be useful too. I recommend it.

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