Martingale Bouncer EA MT4 MT5

Bouncer Martingale EA has a quite simple, but profitable strategy. It starts trading with buy or sell trade (you can select). If the prices goes to positive direction EA keeps opening buy trades after Take Profit, but if the prices goes to negative direction it opens opposite trades, in this case it's a sell trade. If the price crosses Take Profit, so the total profit is positive, if the price bouncing around EA keeps opening trades with multiplied lot size. The price is locked, profit is yours if your equity is big enough to hold all multiplied trades. With proper settings this EA may work profitable and successfully.

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Strategy example.

Free Martingale Bouncer EA MT4 MT5 |

Inputs menu of the Martingale Bouncer EA.

Free Martingale Bouncer EA MT4 MT5 |