Hidden SL TP EA MT4 MT5

Become hidden from your broker.

This trading tool is for traders who want to trade privately. This EA is able to convert all your stop losses and take profits to virtual ones. Your broker can't see it, only you, which is very good.


  • You're able to select which trades you want to manage. Only manual trades or trades from your EA's.

  • You're able to select which type of trades to manage buys and sells, buys only or sells only.

  • You're able to select new stop loss in pips.

  • You're able to select new take profit in pips.

  • You can have an unlimited number of trades.

How to use it?

That's simple. My purpose is to create EA's that anybody can use.

  • It does not matter when you attached this robot before placing your trades or after it.

  • Attach this EA on any symbol, select your desirable settings.

  • For example EA is attached on EURUSD chart = EA will manage all EURUSD trades.

  • For example you need EURUSD, GBPUSD,AUDUSD - attach this EA on each chart separately.

  • Maybe your trades already have SL and TP. It does not matter. EA will replace them with virtual ones.

  • You can have an unlimited number of trades, EA will modify each trade individually, it has memory.

  • Since it's all virtual your MT4 or MT5 must run 24/7 with this EA when there is any open trade.

Download Demo

Hidden SL TP EA MT4 MT5 Eaproducer
.com D
Download COM D • 489KB

Buy Full Version.

Price: €30

  • You will get MT4 MT5 versions.

  • Lifetime license.

  • Works with any timeframe.

  • Works with any market.

  • Friendly settings menu.

  • Easy to set up.

  • There are no any restrictions.

  • Unlimited accounts.