How to install multiple MT4 or MT5 terminal on the same PC

I think many people want to use several terminals of the same broker on the same PC, but they don't know how to do it. Especially the new man in MT4 or MT5. So in this article i will show how to install few MT4 or MT5 terminals in the same PC, actually it's very easy to do it, you will take just a few minutes to make it.

1. Step - go to your PC's local disk where the program is installed.

2. Step - Go to "program files" or "program files (x86)"

In "program files" folder you will find MT5 files

In "program files (x86)" folder you will find MT4 files

I will show you an example with MT4, the same process with MT5 as well.

3. Step - once you've found your broker's files, which you want to multiple and have one more terminal. So simply copy the folder and paste in the same directory. Once you've made it, you will see the same folder beside, just it will have (copy) name. You can copy as much terminals as you need. Everything will work fine.

4. Step - the last little step to finish it. Go to your copied terminal's directory. And create a shortcut one the desktop to reach it more comfortable.

5. Step - login your account, demo or live and the terminal is ready for the action.

I hope it was useful.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment bellow and i will answer or you can contact me

Have a good day ;)



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