How to put 2 or more indicators on each other in the sub-window

In this article i will show you how to put 2 or more Forex indicators on each other in the sub-window in MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 trading terminal. It's very useful, comfortable and quite interesting combination of 2 indicators in one sub-window. Cause each indicator adapt their data to other's indicator data.

Need Indicator who has previous indicator's data option in applied price field. Most indicators from MetaTrader terminal have this option. If you first time seeing this it can be a new way to create something special in your experience with Forex. In my opinion these combinations of indicators can be a good tool for scalping in smaller time frames. Use your imagination and create a profitable Forex strategy today.

How to apply indicators ?

For experimental purposes try to drag RSI indicator on the chart and then attach Bollinger Bands indicator on top of that. Just set previous indicator's data in applied price field and press ok (like in the example below). If you want to attach more indicators, so do the same process on the same sub-window.

Once the job is done you will see the combination like this, try to do it with other indicators, try to set various of settings and you will see how interesting it can be.

As you can see that's not difficult at all. Like the other things in MetaTrader, so it's the reason why a lot of people like this terminal and it's one of the most popular Forex terminal for It's own functionality and simplicity.

If you need any help or you want to develop your own automated strategy contact me

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