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I continue to share forex trading robots. This time I've prepared an expert advisor which works by MFI indicator from MT4 or MT5. It opens a buy trade when MFI crosses level 20 below and opens a sell trade when MFI crosses 80 level above. It looks quite simple, but it works in a classical way. Robot have all the settings, so you can change that and maybe find some good and profitable settings. This MFI EA has fixed lot or martingale money management, you can control the trading start and trading end of the day, MFI period, level to sell, level to buy and it also has all trailing stop settings. I think there are quite a lot of settings, so you can find plenty of settings for this EA. So you can have some good time playing with it. In my opinion the more simple trading strategy is the more profitable it can be.



Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill.

​With a Paypal account you can purchase this EA by pressing a Paypal button below. After your successful payment, please contact us and we will send your copy of the EA. Your EA will be delivered in a few hours or faster.

If you want to purchase this EA with a Skrill account. Please contact us. ​

This EA has no any limits:

  • Lifetime license

  • Works with any timeframe

  • Works with any market

  • Friendly settings menu

  • Easy to set up

  • There are no any restrictions

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Updates available

  • Support 24/7

  • Best quality guaranteed


Martingale random test on EURGBP M15 2017-2018.

Forex Robot MFI EA MT4 MT5|
EURGBP M15 2017-2018

Martingale random test on GBPUSD M15 2017-2018.

Forex Robot MFI EA MT4 MT5|
GBPUSD M15 2017-2018

Two random tests above, you can see how interesting it can perform with martingale. This EA works on every time frame, on all time frames and even on index, metals etc.. so you can really find something worth the attention.

Inputs menu made as simple as possible. You easily will understand how to control all the settings.

Forex Robot MFI EA MT4 MT5|
MFI EA inputs menu

Last EA update 2021.11.05 quality standards.


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