Money Trailing Stop EA MT4 MT5

Money trailing stop EA will trail all your trades in you terminal, from all symbols, all manual trades, all trades opened by other forex robots. So basically, you can use this expert advisor as an extra tool to manage all your profit in your terminal, and it will do. It works as usual trailing stop, but this one works with money not with pips.

All you need to do is to put this EA on 1 chart (any symbol) and set your desirable settings and when it will start to do it's job.

Inputs :

Money trailing stop - for example 5, so it will keep this distance from the current price, if the price keeps going up, so the money trailing stop as well.

Money trailing stop start when profit is - for example 8, so EA will start to use trailing stop when all trades combined will have profit 8 in money. Also you can set it as 0, when it starts to work immediately.

One trailing step in money - basically it controls how sensitive money trailing stop is, if 1 so it will replace new trailing stop every 1 money profit.


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Price: €50

  • You will get MT4 MT5 versions

  • Lifetime license

  • Works with any timeframe

  • Works with any market

  • Friendly settings menu

  • Easy to set up

  • There are no any restrictions

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Updates available

  • Support 24/7

  • Best quality guaranteed

  • Instant download after purchase


Money Trailing Stop EA MT4 MT5 | quality standards.


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