Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

I continue to share forex trading robots with you all. Today I will share EA which works with the Parabolic SAR indicator and this indicator is one of the classics which you can find in every MT4 or MT5 terminal. It's a trend indicator, and he shows dots above and below the price. If dots are placed above the price, it means there is a signal to sell. If dots are placing dots below the price, it means there is a signal to buy. Actually this indicator is great, and he is doing his job. The higher the time frame the higher the preciseness of the signal, for example 1D and 4H time frames will show more stable signals, but positions will be much longer. So you can use smaller time frames for faster trading like 1H or smaller. As always it is better to use an extra filter to recognize all the signals more accurately, but this EA works only with Parabolic SAR indicator.


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Buy example.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Sell example.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Inputs menu of EA.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Last EA update 2021.11.05 quality standards.


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