Parabolic SAR EA v2 MT4 MT5

Another legendary strategy has been updated. Now it offers more features for the trader. Download it now. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Version 2 benefits

  • Hidden stops feature, ON/OFF.

  • Weekday filter Monday - Sunday.

  • Time filter 00:00 - 23:59 range.

  • Spread filter.

  • Buy Sell reversed - it opens sell instead of buy and it opens buy instead of sell, 2 ways strategy.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Trailing stop.

  • Breakeven.

  • Profit closer in money.

  • EA is able to work with any timeframe and symbol.

How to use hidden SL TP

  • You have to decide if you want to use this feature or not before attaching this EA on the chart. Later this option can't be changed, you will have to attach EA freshly.

  • Your Metatrader 4/5 must always be working.

  • Internet connection must be stable.

Buy example.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Sell example.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Buys and Sells example with close opposite trade feature on.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5

Inputs menu.

Parabolic SAR EA MT4 MT5


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