Price Alert EA MT4 MT5

Another useful tool for manual traders. This is Alert message EA which works with price levels. So you can set your levels on the charts, as many as you need of course and the robot waits for those levels, so you can use your time properly and you won't need to check a lot of times into the charts. Once one of the price levels is reached the robot will show you the alert message with sound. Robot also can send emails or phone notifications. So you really won't miss the trend you are waiting for.


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An example of alert message

Price Alert EA MT4 MT5 |

This EA works with horizontal lines and with colors too. You can have 2 levels. One for upper levels(default is blue) , another for lower levels(default is red). First put an expert advisor on the chart when simply put horizontal lines on the chart where you need and that's all, once it will be reached you will get an alert message, email message or phone notification. You can have as many charts as you need, but the robot has to be placed on each chart where you're using it.

Price levels example

Price Alert EA MT4 MT5 |

Several price levels example

Price Alert EA MT4 MT5 |

Price Alert EA inputs menu

Price Alert EA MT4 MT5 |

Color of signal 1 - for upper levels.

Color of signal 2 - for lower levels.

Colors of inputs settings and horizontal lines have to match identical.

For example "color of signal 1"- Blue, when horizontal line has to be in the same color - Blue.

For example "color of signal 2"- Red, when horizontal line has to be in the same color - Red.

You can set your favorite colors of course.

Last EA update 2021.11.05 quality standards.


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