Trades Count Alert EA MT4 MT5

This EA will be useful if you're using other EA or you're trading with grid strategy, so this EA will help you to save your time and possibly your money. Cause you will be informed about open trades count by email, phone notification or sound alert on your Metatrader. Once you will get a notification you will be able to make a decision faster. Maybe you're using some martingale strategy so every trade is very important, especially when lot size is getting bigger and bigger with each trade.

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Free Trades Count Alert EA MT4 MT5 |
Trades Count Alert EA

You're able to set settings separately for sell and buy trades. So you can be only notified about buy trades count for example. Also it has a setting to set a symbol/symbols for trades counting. For example you want to use only one - EURUSD or more than one like this - EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY separated by comma. So you can choose what pairs to use. Once your number of trades will be reached you will get a notification instantly by your desirable way.

As you can see below it displays buy and sell trades count on the chart for your comfort.

Free Trades Count Alert EA MT4 MT5 |
Trades Count Alert EA

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