Wolfgang System Pro MT4 MT5

New powerful Forex Robot right here. This system is unbeatable. This system works profitably with most of the Forex pairs and time frames. Easy to set it up. Simple settings, anything else is 100% auto. All you need to do is to choose your starting lot and lot multiplier and nothing more. Default settings are also very fine. It works very stable and without any huge risks. It does not open many trades at the same time.

Recommended lot multipliers:

  • 2

  • 2.1

  • 2.2

  • 2.3

  • 2.4

  • 2.5

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Wolfgang System Pro MT4 MT5 Eaproducer
Download C • 834KB

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Price: €100

  • You will get MT4 MT5 versions

  • Lifetime license

  • Works with any timeframe

  • Works with any market

  • Friendly settings menu

  • Easy to set up

  • There are no any restrictions

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Updates available

  • Bugs free

  • Support

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