Hull Moving Average EA MT4

Updated: Sep 21

You will get Hull Moving Average EA + indicator.

Typical strategy of HMA. Indicator works without any issues. Indicator displays lines and arrows. You're able to change HMA price, speed, applied price. Different settings equals to different sensitivity and sharpness of the signals. You can use indicator alone if you prefer manual trading. If you prefer auto trading, so EA will do everything for you, it places buy and sell trades once the signal is received. It has an option to trade signal to signal, which means it closes opposite trade once the trend has changed.

EA also has extra features, which may be very useful. If you need anything else - it can be added for sure.

  • Break even

  • Trailing stop

  • Time filter

  • Weekday filter

  • Spread filter

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This is how HMA indicator looks like on the chart

Inputs menu of HMA EA

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