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Hull Moving Average EA MT5

The legendary Hull Moving Average MT5 forex trading robot is now available. This trading system comes with the Hull EA and the Hull indicator. This Hull indicator never repaints its signals, so all signals are stable once they have been placed on the chart. This expert advisor also has useful features like trailing stop, break even, a time filter, and a weekday filter. It's possible to order a custom update for this EA if needed.


  • EA opens a buy trade when the Hull Indicator MT5 arrow up appears.

  • EA opens a sell trade when the Hull Indicator MT5 arrow down appears.

Hull Moving Average EA MT5

Inputs menu of the HMA EA MT5.

Hull Moving Average EA MT5

Explanation of the settings:

Fixed lot - simple fixed lot which is applied for each trade.

Max open trade - set max allowed amount of open trades.

Close trade opposite signal - true/false, set it as true if you want to close trades on the opposite signal.

Stop loss pips - set a stop loss in pips which will be used for each trade separately.

Take profit pips - set a take profit in pips which will be used for each trade separately.

Break even

Pips on profit to enable - once reached, break even is applied.

Offset pips from open price - the distance from the open, in this way you can avoid spread size by adding extra 2 pips for example.

Trailing stop

Trailing start pips - once the trade has this amount of profit, trailing stop is activated.

Trailing stop pips - trailing stop distance from the stop loss to the current price.

One trailing step - it's basically how often do you want to refresh the trailing stop.

Trading time settings - that's simple, simply choose time and weekdays you want to trade.

Spread filter - set max allowed spread size in pips, EA checks it before opening the trade. If the spread size is too big = no trade.

Magic number - use magic number rule if this EA is used in more than 1 chart. Read more.


  • Insert EA file into the experts folder.

  • Insert indicator file into the indicators folder.

  • Read more.

Download the DEMO version of the Hull Moving Average EA MT5 and try it in the strategy tester, before purchasing this forex trading robot MT5.

Hull Moving Average EA MT5 DEMO
Download ZIP • 226KB



Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill.

​With a Paypal account you can purchase this EA by pressing a Paypal button below. After your successful payment, please contact us and we will send your copy of the EA. Your EA will be delivered in a few hours or faster.