Partial Closer EA MT4 MT5

This partial closer EA is able to close your trades partially, which may be very useful for your manual trading experience. For example you have a buy trade with 0.60 lots and you want to close 50% of this trade once the profit is 30 pips. EA closes 50% (0.30) of the trade and you still have another 50% (0.30) to go. Then you drag your stop loss price to +10 pips for example. Your trade is a total win. It's just one of the ways to use this tool.

Symbols to work with - attach EA on any symbol and choose which symbols you want to work with.

Work with - you're able to choose which trades you would like to manage. Only manual or EA's and manual trades.

Profit pips to enable partial close - for example 30, once the trade has 30 pips profit = partial close is enabled, partial close is used only once per trade.

% from lots to close - choose how much % you want to close from trade's lots.


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