Trailing Stop Hidden EA MT5

This trailing stop EA will trail all your trades and it will be hidden from your broker.

EA will trail all EA trades and all manual trades.

Each trade is trailed separately.

This is EA - insert it into the experts folder.

EA works only with the chart where it's attached. For example EURUSD - attach this EA on the EURUSD chart and EA will trail all EURUSD trades. If you want to use more symbols, simply attach this EA on each chart separately.

Tips - You have to decide if you want to use this feature(Hidden) or not before attaching this EA on the chart. Later this option can't be changed, you will have to attach EA freshly. Your Metatrader 5 must always be working. Internet connection must be stable.

Trailing stop:

Trailing start pips - once the trade has this amount of profit, trailing stop is activated.

Trailing stop pips - trailing stop distance from the stop loss to the current price.

One trailing step - it's basically how often do you want to refresh the trailing stop.

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below.

Trailing Stop Hidden EA MT5

Trailing Stop Hidden EA MT5


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